Code of Honour

  1. Remember that real estate development is an organic part of the urban life, which primary aim is well-being of the city’s residents.
  2. Do not request any privileges against business developers but rather share your success with them when you have such opportunity.
  3. Be honest with your clients: buyers, tenants, customers and contractors. Be open by calling goods and services by their real names.
  4. Comply with your contractual obligations. It’s a matter of your honour.
  5. Speak respectfully about your competitors and make them want to catch up with your work results.
  6. Always look for a connection with your neighbours: residents, businesses and communities. Together we are stronger.
  7. Respect the work of all participants involved in the development process. Encourage representatives of coordinating and controlling authorities to be authoritative and to comply with the highest standards of qualification and transparency.
  8. Raise your quality and promote good business practices by setting good example.
  9. When speaking in public, give positive feedback about the sector’s participants, promote their interest in development processes and educate the society honestly because an active and honest society is the foundation of a successful state.
  10. Have a dream!

Approved by the Board of LNTPA during its meeting held on 5 July 2016