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Q2 2021 Baltic States Property Snapshot –  (in English)

Company Inreal

Results of 2016 encourage the market to follow those of 2007

2015 – 2016 Lithuanian economy ant real estate market report

Economic and Real Estate market review 2011/2012 m. (in Lithuanian).

Economic and real estate market review. In 2011. I-III quarter (in Lithuanian).

Low-rise and multistory construction trends. In 2011. November (in Lithuanian).

The housing market and neighborhoods rating. Trends. In 2012. January (in Lithuanian).

Company Ober-Haus Real Estate Advisors

 Ober-Haus Lithuanian Apartment Price Index (OHBI)

Ober-Haus Baltics Real Estate Market Report 2021

Ober-Haus Baltics Real Estate Market Report 2018

Ober-Haus Lithuania Residential Market Commentary Q4 2017

Ober-Haus Lithuania Commercial Market Commentary Q3 2017

Ober-Haus Lithuania Residential Market Commentary Q3 2017

Ober-Haus Lithuania Commercial Market Commentary Q2 2017

Ober-Haus Lithuania Residential Market Commentary Q2 2017

Ober-Haus Lithuania Commercial Market Commentary Q1 2017

Ober-Haus Lithuania Residential Market Commentary Q1 2017

Ober-Haus Baltics Real Estate Market Report 2017

Ober-Haus Lithuania Commercial Market Commentary Q4 2016

Ober-Haus Lithuania Residential Market Commentary Q4 2016

Ober-Haus Lithuania Commercial Market Commentary Q3 2016

Ober-Haus Lithuania Residential Market Commentary Q3 2016

Ober-Haus Lithuania Commercial Market Commentary Q2 2016

Ober-Haus Lithuania Residential Market Commentary Q2 2016

Ober-Haus Lithuania Commercial Market Commentary Q1 2016

Ober-Haus Lithuania Residential Market Commentary Q1 2016