Lithuanian Real Estate Development Association (LNTPA)

A community of RE developers taking care of the creation of sustainable cities, improvement of the business environment and education of its members


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Why is it worth becoming a member of LNTPA?

LNTPA represents the interests of the real estate developer community in the processes of improving the legislative and business environment. Organizes events and trips for professionals.

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Members of LNTPA

LNTPA unites responsible, experienced developers and project design companies that create sustainable housing and develop cities. LNTPA join law firms, banks and other members that works in real estate sector.

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Reasons for choosing housing from LNTPA members

LNTPA members understand the importance of public trust. Therefore, all members are committed to adhering to the Code of Honor and competing fairly, thus maintaining the highest standards of openness and trust.

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LNTPA Initiatives and Events

Every year we organize such events as, Core conference, Housing fair, PropTech breakfast, and events for members: Breakfast with the mayor of Vilnius, Klubas4 - meetings of LNTPA member companies, real estate law and design seminars, study trips to foreign countries.

We plan for 2021 4 events 16 initiatives
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2.581 €/sq. m Average housing price in Vilnius
64 RE expectation index 2024