Awarded Best Real Estate Projects in Lithuania in 2023

On Wednesday in Vilnius, during the solemn ceremony of the “For Sustainable Development” competition, the best real estate projects in Lithuania for the year 2023 were announced and awarded. The selection of the best real estate projects in Lithuania is organized by the Lithuanian Real Estate Development Association (LNTPA) and the Academy of Sustainable Development for the 16th consecutive year.

In the category of residential projects, the best project was recognized as the implementation of the “Vilnelės skverai” project in Vilnius by the real estate development company “Merko statyba.”

In the vacation real estate category, the project “Viešnagė” in Palanga triumphed, implemented by the company “Hanika,” which belongs to the Lumont group.

The award for the best public-purpose real estate project was presented to the International American School in Vilnius. The project was implemented by the public institution AISV (American International School of Vilnius).

The best commercial real estate project was recognized as the “Teltonika” technology center in Molėtai. The project developer is the company “Teltonika EMS.”

Two future real estate projects were recognized as the best Future projects: the “Business central stadium” implemented by the companies “Hanner” and “Zaha Hadid architects” and the new departure terminal at Vilnius Airport developed by Lithuanian airports.

Equally among the public votes on the portal this year, the project “Youston,” developed by the real estate company “Baltic Asset Management” and “SBA Urban” to expand “Kauno baldai,” received attention.

This year, the “For Sustainable Development” competition received a record number of real estate project applications – 26 in total: 5 residential and leisure projects, 3 public-purpose projects, 6 commercial projects, and as many as 12 applications were submitted for the Future prize. The geography of the participating projects in the competition covered Vilnius, Kaunas, Molėtai, Palanga, and Nida.

The evaluation of the competition participants was carried out by a commission of 9 members, including representatives from the Lithuanian Architects’ Association, the Lithuanian Builders’ Association, banks, Vilnius Gediminas Technical University, the Ministry of Environment, the Lithuanian Real Estate Development Association, and the media.

The winners of the “For Sustainable Development” competition in 2023 are:

Category | Project | City | Developer | Architect

Residential Real Estate | Vilnelės skverai | Vilnius | Merko statyba | Architect: Tadas Balčiūnas

Vacation Real Estate | Viešnagė | Palanga | Hanika (Lumont įmonių grupė) | Architect: Donatas Rakauskas

Public-Purpose Real Estate | Tarptautinė Amerikos mokykla Vilniuje | Vilnius | AISV (Tarptautinė Amerikos Mokykla Vilniuje) | Architects: Formatas ALinas, Naujokaitis, Eglė Naujokaitytė, Alicija Grigūnienė, Airė Žaunerovaitė, Urtė Aidukienė, Darius Varanavičius

Commercial Real Estate | Teltonikos technologijų centras | Molėtai | Teltonika EMS | Architects: 2L architects, Paulius Latakas, Kristina Šimkūnaitė, Andrius Gečys

Future Project | Business central stadium | Vilnius | Hanner | Architects: Zaha Hadid architects

Future Project | Vilniaus oro uosto naujasis išvykimo terminalas | Vilnius | Lietuvos oro uostai | Architects: Vilniaus architektūros studija

Public Vote | Youston | Vilnius | Baltic Asset management | Architects: Regina Venckievič

Public Vote | Kauno baldai | Kaunas | SBA Urban | Architect: Tomas Vaičiulis