Let’s help Lithuanian medical personnel fight the coronavirus

Realising the importance of medical personnel’s work in combating the spread of the COVID-19 virus, the LNTPA is holding a fundraiser to purchase equipment needed to help medics do their job safely.

Vytautas Kasiulevičius, Head of the Family Medicine Centre at Santara Clinic, estimates that Lithuanian medics today need 100 thousand protection kits: gloves, goggles, hazmat suits, and respirators. Hospitals are reporting a shortage of disinfectant and other equipment. All funds raised by the LNTPA will go towards purchasing the necessary equipment to protect the medics on the frontline.

Let us protect them so they can protect us.

Account No: LT277044090100123253
Beneficiary: Lithuanian Real Estate Development Association
Details: Targeted assistance to purchase medical equipment

We thank you for your kindness.