Lithuanian physicians have already received support for almost 240 thousand. euros. Thank you to the donors

The Lithuanian Real Estate Development Association gathers support for doctors fighting the COVID-19 virus in order to provide them with the necessary protection measures. Almost 240 thousand euros have already been collected from 70 companies and individuals (full list of donors is provided below).

For part of the support together with the Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists, the Innovative Pharmaceutical Industry Association (IFPA) and the Rotary Association for 380 thousand eur was ordered 100 thousand respirators, 100 thousand protective face masks, 20 thousand goggles and tens of thousands of other protective equipment. The consignment has reached Lithuania and the equipment will be handed over to doctors in mid-April.

At the beginning of April, another joint shipment arrived with protective equipment: respirators, masks, face shields, goggles, booties, overalls and gloves for 48 thousand. euros. The consignment was distributed and handed over to doctors throughout Lithuania.

By April, Lithuanian physicians had already bought and distributed support for 23.5 thousand Eur: 136 thousand gloves, over 600 liters of hand sanitizer and 1400 respirators.

During April, LNTPA purchased and handed about 3.5 tons of medical devices from the above-mentioned and additional shipments, which is 88 thousand units for EUR 184,570.00.

Support is distributed to the more than 80 institutions.

The support account is still open, so the funds collected will continue to be used to purchase the most necessary goods for the country’s medical institutions:

Account No .: LT27 7044 0901 0012 3253
Beneficiary: Lithuanian Real Estate Development Association
Purpose: Targeted support for the purchase of medical devices

We thank our partners – the real estate crowdfunding platform “Profitus”, where donations can be made from 5 euros, tools for the purchase of doctors.

Let’s stay healthy and in solidarity!