LNTPA meeting with the Mayor of Vilnius: Searching for solutions to avoid the oak tree incident

Today, the board of the Lithuanian Real Estate Development Association (LNTPA) met with the Mayor of Vilnius, Valdas Benkunskas, and the Chief City Architect, Mindaugas Pakalnis, to discuss the situation regarding the unauthorized felling of an oak tree. Both the city government and the real estate business community agreed to make every effort to make decisions that would help prevent similar incidents in the future. They also exchanged views on how to improve activities in real estate projects that involve mature trees.

The LNTPA board was presented with an initiative by the Ministry of Environment regarding amendments to the law, which would allow the municipality to withhold construction permits for the destruction of greenery and impose higher fines and stricter accountability. Upon receiving more detailed formulations, the LNTPA will invite the Vilnius municipality and the Ministry of Environment to a joint discussion on final amendment proposals and their implementation procedures.

The LNTPA and the Mayor of Vilnius agreed to clearly define and establish the procedure for tree felling on private plots in the city of Vilnius.

The real estate business emphasized the importance of early knowledge about protected trees and the restrictions imposed on them, in order to economically plan project implementation.

According to the municipality’s announcement, an inventory of trees and other greenery is currently taking place in Vilnius, which will help systematize the existing situation and create a supportive tool for more efficient implementation of real estate projects.