Save the date! Real Estate Professionals’ Conference CORE – February 8th!

The Lithuanian Real Estate Development Association, together with its partners, is organizing the largest real estate professionals’ conference, CORE, for the 12th time on February 8, 2024. The event annually brings together over 300 professionals in the real estate field, including developers, investors, architects, builders, consultants, brokers, urbanists, legal professionals, representatives from the public sector, business associations, and organizations. Traditionally, the conference will take place at Radisson Blu Lietuva, Konstitucijos Avenue 20, Vilnius.

The scope of CORE conference topics is relevant, comprehensive, and diverse, ranging from the latest overviews of economic and real estate market segments to presenting the freshest Developers’ Expectations Index and addressing crucial issues in legal regulation and legislative changes. There will be a significant focus on improving the real estate business environment, discussions on smooth business development solutions, and discussions on risk management and diversification. The event will feature presentations of good practices and relevant discussions. The conference will be crowned with a discussion among representatives of leading political parties about the upcoming newly elected Parliament in 2024 and what real estate agenda potential parliamentarians will set.

Key directions of the CORE conference program in 2024:

  1. Real estate market in 2024 – will it move forward or slow down?
  2. How will Lithuania overcome the challenges of housing affordability and accessibility? And why is it not just about EURIBOR?
  3. Commercial and residential real estate markets: what trends does the latest statistics reveal?
  4. Key legal changes in real estate development from 2024.
  5. The new construction law.
  6. Business and city dialogue. What compromise is needed for the city, business, and communities?
  7. When is a tree more important than urban progress and vice versa?
  8. Real estate business today: risks, diversification, new markets, solutions. Lithuania’s Developers’ Expectations Index 2024.
  9. Today’s arguments for foreign investors – between promises and opportunities.
  10. How will artificial intelligence change the real estate market?
  11. Tomorrow’s Parliament: what will it be like, and what would be the best for the real estate business? Party leaders’ debates.
  12. Exclusive conversation with one of the largest investors in Lithuania!

At the CORE conference, leaders in the real estate business, experts, analysts, urbanists, politicians, government representatives, academics, researchers, public figures, innovators, and visionaries will share their insights and knowledge.

The goal of CORE is to provide the conference audience with well-founded insights that would lead to the most effective business decisions.

For the latest information about the CORE conference and participation conditions, visit:

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