The 2022 activity report was presented and approved at the general meeting of LNTPA members

In the annual reporting meeting of the Lithuanian Real Estate Development Association (LNTPA), the activities of the association’s board and administration in implementing the priorities for 2022 were presented to the association members, and their continuity was agreed upon.

Mindaugas Statulevičius, the President of LNTPA, highlighted the active engagement of the organization in the legislative processes, improvement of regulatory frameworks, and other progressive solutions aimed at enhancing the sector’s development and search for effective measures. The main focus areas of LNTPA were:

  • Reform of state land management and use;
  • Preparation of the Construction Code;
  • Amendments to the Construction Law of the Republic of Lithuania;
  • Construction material price and accessibility crisis;
  • Green areas and their regulation;
  • Implementation of municipal infrastructure development;
  • Changes in the regulation of building purposes;
  • General real estate tax.

“Operating in times of uncertainty, change, and geopolitical tensions, we observe that the real estate sector demonstrates resilience. We can assume that businesses prudently assess emerging threats and make reasonable decisions to manage risks.

From today’s perspective, we regretfully note that the greatest challenges and obstacles to the real estate market arise from local institutions and their legal decisions, which create an imbalance in the business environment and limit the public’s opportunities to have accessible and affordable housing.

We are pleased with the sense of community and the members’ commitment to continuous improvement and sharing their experiences, as evidenced by the abundance of events for our community members and the public.

Both the war in Ukraine and the pandemic have demonstrated the importance of solidarity when faced with unexpected challenges. The unity of association members in providing support to the people of Ukraine only reaffirms that we bring together responsible and proactive representatives of the sector.

This year, the number of members has grown to 73, which is a record number in the entire history of LNTPA’s activities. We aim for the new members representing various areas of real estate development and providing business services to developers to actively engage in the association’s activities and enrich them,” said M. Statulevičius.

During the general assembly of the association, the development and achieved results of the real estate advertising portal were extensively presented. The initiative aims to create a healthy competitive environment in the real estate advertising market and provide added value to LNTPA members, optimizing the cost structure of this service.