Cargo of protective equipment for medical personnel bought with donations from Lithuanian business is on its way from China to Lithuania

100 thousand respirators, 15 thousand protective goggles, and tens of thousands of other protective equipment – that was the order that was made for the benefit of the medical community with funds raised by business, a total of over 340 thousand euros. Thanks to the efforts by the Lithuanian Real Estate Development Association (LNTPA), the Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists (LPK), the Innovative Pharmaceutical Industry Association (IFPA), the Rotary Association, and other business associations and companies, targeted contributions were used to purchase the necessary protective equipment from China.

In the words of Robertas Dargis, President of the LPK and the LNTPA, this sponsorship initiative is a shared gratitude and assistance from every contributor to those who are today holding our lives in their hands.

‘Looking after the medical community is the most important thing when it comes to our future and that of our children. During this difficult time, focus and concerted efforts of everyone in the community, as well as their assistance for healthcare institutions is what we can do to help mitigate the consequences of the coronavirus. We are doing our best to find ways to make sure that the equipment bought with the funds raised reaches the medics directly and as quickly as possible,’ Mr Dargis said.

The first shipment of the equipment is expected to arrive late this week or by the middle of the next week at the latest.

‘Right now, the whole world is in dire need of protective equipment, which makes finding a shipment and bringing it back home quite a challenge, with everything taking longer than we would all prefer. We are not ceasing our pooling of equipment; we will try to make purchases of equipment for the medics in the future, too. I would also wish to say a big thank-you to our domestic companies that are providing direct support to healthcare institutions in their towns and cities, as well as municipalities with their products and the necessary equipment,’ Mr Dargis noted.

The LNTPA’s president wants to extend his gratitude to the first responders and donors. The targeted sponsorship account is still open and the funds raised during the second phase will also go to support the medical community in its fight on COVID-19.

Account No: LT277044090100123253
Beneficiary: Lithuanian Real Estate Development Association
Details: Targeted assistance to purchase medical equipment

Here is the list of companies that have made a donation to the LNTPA’s special account for the benefit of medical personnel in Lithuania:

Association Rotary International District 1462
UAB Baltijos gildija
UAB Newsec advisers LT
UAB Andrum Group
CEE Attorneys, law firm
UAB Prosperitas Baltica (Shopping centre CUP)
UAB Optina
UAB Švytis
UAB Colliers International Advisors
UAB Eika
UAB Inreal
UAB Schage Real Estate
UAB YIT Lietuva
UAB Centromera
UAB Homa group
UAB Vilmesta
UAB Etapas Group
UAB Merko statyba
UAB Realinija
UAB Hanner
UAB Omberg
AB Aksa NT
UAB NT draudimo grupė
UAB Trinapolis
UAB BSP Asset Management LT
UAB MC Grupė
UAB Sollus
UAB Statybos procesų valdymas
UAB Baltic Asset Management
UAB Saripa
UAB Releven Project Management
Shopping centre BIG Vilnius
UAB Veikmė
UAB Technopolis Lietuva
UAB Dolas
AB Ogmios centras
UAB Eriadas
UAB Klaipėdos laisvosios ekonominės zonos valdymo bendrovė
UAB Neo Group
UAB Galio Group
Shopping centre Akropolis Kaunas
UAB Via sportas
UAB Regroup
UAB Delgoda
The Currency Cloud Limited
UAB Forma perfecta
UAB Kauno arena
UAB Depeka
UAB Rinvest
UAB Taem Group
UAB See Eiendom LT
UAB Kapitel
UAB Anreka
UAB Inreal valdymas
UAB Jung Vilnius
Partners of the Law Firm Sorainen
Martynas Žibūda
Donatas Dailidė
Martynas Trimonis

For more information:
Justina Juršytė, LNTPA Communications Manager, phone: +370 682 34551