LNTPA general meeting: new board, expanded goals and re-elected president

The activities of the board and administration in implementing the goals set for 2021 as well as naming continuous and newly formulated priorities for 2022 were presented during the annual reporting meeting of members of the Lithuanian Real Estate Development Association (LNTPA). A new board was elected and a president of the association was re-elected during the meeting.

The board which has been elected for a new four-year term will consist of:

Current President of the Association Mindaugas Statulevičius who was re-elected to this position for a second four-year term and who will also hold the position of Head of Administration.

“One of the most important tasks during my four-year term will be to strengthen connections with related Lithuanian and international professional and business organizations in order to improve the business environment and raise the standards of transparency and public accountability,” says M. Statulevičius.

The list of the most important tasks will also include strengthening of the dialogue with all groups of urban developers: architects, local communities, city and state institutions, as well as educational institutions which train real estate specialists.

Minister of Environment Simonas Gentvilas also came to congratulate the LNTPA community.