Real Estate Academy: The Sixth Course Graduates

The Real Estate Academy, established by the Lithuanian Real Estate Development Association (LNTPA) in collaboration with ISM, VILNIUS TECH, and Mykolas Romeris University lecturers, has awarded graduation diplomas to its sixth course. This knowledge-enhancement and broad professional project, launched in the fall of 2021, has attracted a total of 141 professionals related to the real estate sector.

“The ranks of the Real Estate Academy alumni are expanding, creating a strong and motivated community of real estate specialists. We are hearing requests to expand and deepen the format of the Real Estate Academy, including the introduction of postgraduate studies. This demand is a strong acknowledgment and indication that the Real Estate Academy is on the right path. We have not yet made decisions regarding continuing studies at the Real Estate Academy, but we are listening, considering, and exploring the possibilities,” says Mindaugas Statulevičius, the president of LNTPA and the originator of the idea, discussing the successful activity of the Real Estate Academy.

The primary and most important goal of the Real Estate Academy is to provide specialists working in the real estate sector with a diverse and in-depth understanding of the market’s development and its components: from market analysis to budgeting, real estate law, and sales communication.

The nearly three-month study cycle covers urban planning and architecture topics, fundamentals of project management and financing, the specifics of legal and tax regulation and application in real estate, construction process management, project marketing, and communication strategies, practical advice on interacting with the media from journalists, and sustainability standards solutions. Since spring, the Real Estate Academy program has also included the rapidly growing topic of artificial intelligence.

Twenty-five top specialists in their fields—developers, architects, lawyers, financiers, scientists, and real estate marketing and communication experts—shared their knowledge and latest practices.

The Real Estate Academy continued its unique tradition of organizing each training session in a different, unique city location. “This model has been very successful. Like the first training groups, this one also had exclusive opportunities not only to visit sites that are otherwise difficult to access but also to get to know them more closely through guided tours. Some projects were presented by their authors themselves,” says M. Statulevičius.

This spring, the Real Estate Academy’s list of location solutions includes exceptional sites such as the Senator’s Passage, the Lelija Factory, the redeveloping Žalgiris Stadium, the Paupys Quarter, the revitalizing Vilnius TV Tower, the award-winning “Neringa” Hotel as the best commercial real estate project, the modern Business Garden and Cyber City, the smart JUNG Vilnius building, the Concrete Factory, and other uniquely distinctive and interesting real estate buildings in the capital.

Real Estate Academy participants also undergo a project defense process. Divided into teams, the academy participants are given tasks that require them to justify or refute the development potential of an existing real estate object: to assess the location, project purpose, investment return prospects, and implementation period. The project works of the teams are evaluated by a competent commission composed of top-level real estate market professionals.

The start of the Real Estate Academy’s fall 2024 session is scheduled for September 27th.

Moments from the project defenses and diploma awarding ceremony: